The decision to build the Swan Valley Mosque and Islamic Centre was born out of the desperate need of all Muslims in Western Australia to have additional facilities where Muslims can perform all their religious duties and satisfy all their religious needs.

The architecture of the Islamic Centre will be reminiscent of traditional Bosnia & Herzegovina, which is influenced by the rich and vibrant Ottoman empire combined with a contemporary edge.

The Mosque has been designed for peace and tranquillity, providing the ideal environment for spiritual practice and prayer.

The approved Mosque and Islamic Centre will consist of the following:

  • Mosque—The prayer hall will be two storey high with the bottom floor used by brothers and the top floor used by sisters. It will have capacity to hold up to 350 worshippers.
  • Wudu area—which will be fitted in order to allow people to take ablution.
  • Madrasa classrooms—for the running of Saturday religious school for children.
  • Preparations room—for performing the requirements of Janaza.
  • Community Hall—which can be used for public lectures, Shariah weddings, youth and senior gatherings.
  • Kitchen—for food preparation.
  • Library—which will be available to the public at large to learn more about Islam. Books will be available in English, Arabic and Bosnian.
  • Imam’s residence—which will be adjacent to the mosque and will be able to house the Imam and his family.
  • Short stay facility for visitors—three rooms that will be available for Tabliq Jamat and other visitors
  • Tranquil landscaped gardens and courtyard—which will complement the ambiance of the Mosque and Islamic Centre.
  • Ample car parking—of approximately 155 bays which will be able to accommodate the worshippers attending the Mosque and avoid any traffic problems in the neighbouring streets.