The Bosnian Islamic Society of Perth was established and registered in April 1996, with the purpose of assisting Bosnian Muslims who live in Western Australia to preserve their cultural and religious heritage. Despite our society’s main aim of supporting the Bosnian Muslim community, nevertheless, our society welcomes all Muslims regardless of their nationality and ethnic background to become members.

Our Imam

IIn July 2013, the Bosnian Islamic Society employed the first ever full time Imam. Imam Mirsel Kozica is from Bosnian descent and has completed the traditional madrasa school for Imams in Serbia. His further studies have taken him to Istanbul, Turkey where he studied with a number of respected scholars, the science of Qirat. He holds a Bachelor of Islamic Theology from the University of Islamic Studies in Serbia. He also holds an Ijaza from the Reisu-l-Ulema of Bosnia, Sheikh Husein Kavazovic.